Medical and Life Care

Financial compensation can be vital in getting proper medical care after a catastrophic injury. Medical assessment and care will not only impact your health, but also your ability to work and make wages, your ability to live and function independently, and whether you will receive physical or psychological therapy to continue your recovery. An interdisciplinary evaluation can help you to reach the best possible outcome, as different aspects of health are evaluated by experts in various fields.

Another aspect of care to consider is life care planning. This process analyzes the medical goods and services a catastrophically injured individual will require, from the time of injury to the end of the individual’s life expectancy. Experts often contribute to the plan in consultation with specialists in all fields that might impact the life care plan. As much as possible, the plan contains information taken from the individual’s social, educational, psychological, and work-related data, in order to consider every possible impact of the injury. The life care plan also reflects the wishes of the patient and his or her family. Furthermore, the plan takes modern concepts of patient care and aging needs into consideration.

The life care plan is an important legal document as well as medical tool. Your attorney can use the life care plan when seeking damages as well as to identify goals which will require financial resources and planning. To fulfill the life care plan and guarantee the best possible medical care now and in the future, you should consult an experienced attorney if you suffer a catastrophic injury.