$4,150,000 Settlement against a delivery truck driver for a young Minnesota pedestrian who suffered a permanent brain injury.

$2,750,000 Settlement against a restaurant and meat supplier for a child who sustained hemolytic-uremic syndrome and permanent kidney damage due to E.coli food poisoning in under cooked hamburger. (Wisconsin)

$311,000 Settlement for a senior North Dakota resident who suffered permanent ulcerative colitis due to E. coli food poisoning in under cooked hamburger

$2,085,000 Settlement against gas company and municipality for a family of 4 that sustained head and orthopedic injuries caused by a gas explosion in their Minnesota home

$200,000 Slip and fall premises liability claim against a Minnesota hotel

$205,000 Minnesota wrongful death settlement against a car driver who recklessly operated a motor vehicle

$200,000 Settlement for a Wisconsin motorist who sustained permanent injuries as a result of a negligent snow plow driver.

$200,000 Settlement against a road construction contractor for a driver who sustained closed head injuries as a result of striking a stopped car due to improper road construction signage.

$185,000 Settlement against a dog owner for a Wisconsin motorcycle passenger who sustained orthopedic injuries caused by a dog running out onto highway.

$100,000 Uninsured policy limits settlement for a Nebraska passenger who sustained orthopedic injuries caused by a drunk driver.

$100,000 Settlement again a Wisconsin dog owner for dog bite injuries and permanent facial scarring for a child

$423.431 Settlement for Wisconsin bicyclist who sustained serious orthopedic injuries caused by an inattentive truck driver. Underinsured motorist claim resolved after prevailing in a Minnesota Court of Appeals insurance coverage dispute

$1,250,000 Settlement against a Wisconsin drunk driver for significant orthopedic injuries.

$255,000 Liability and UIM policy limits settlements for a pedestrian who was struck by a drunk driver in Wisconsin

$1,200,000 Settlement for elderly Wisconsin pedestrian who sustained a brain injury while walking in a cross walk.

$285,000 Settlement against drunk driver and liquor establishment for orthopedic injuries