$67,500 Balsam Lake, WI settlement on morning of trial for teenage girl who sustained a chemical burn on her scalp against a cosmetologist and product liability claim against chemical manufacturer.

$30,319 Stillwater, MN verdict for soft tissue injuries caused in car crash.

$477,376 St. Paul, MN verdict for a pedestrian who sustained a hip fracture while walking against a red light. Settlement offer was $2,500.

$66,000 Menomonie, WI verdict for elderly passenger who received a
hip fracture when her coat became stuck in the car door and driver pulled away.

$63,391 Menomonie, WI myoligamentous neck sprain/strain verdict caused in motor vehicle collision.

$494,416 LaCrosse, WI verdict and underinsured motorist settlement for myoligamentous sprain and psychological injures against left turning motorist.

$25,006 Hudson, WI soft tissue verdict for motorist.

$60,000 Menomonie, WI sprain/strain injuries caused by motor vehicle collision.

$233,288 United States District Court, Western District of Wisconsin product liability verdict against screw conveyor manufacturer. Settlement offer was $0.

$83,351 Ellsworth, WI verdict for permanent myoligamentous sprain/strain car crash injuries.

$45,424 Hudson, WI soft tissue verdict.

$42,000 Menomonie, WI soft tissue settlement reached on morning of closing argument.

$280,419 Madison, WI verdict against utility employee for ankle fracture.

$50,000 Stillwater, MN soft tissue settlement reached on morning of closing argument.

$45,537 Menomonie, WI myoligamentous sprain/strain verdict.

$216,065 Red Wing, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain verdict with pre-existing injuries.

$52,264 Ellsworth, WI sprain/strain verdict.

$631,895 Eau Claire, WI myoligamentous sprain/strain product liability verdict

$134,322 St. Paul, MN TMJ injuries caused in car crash

$69,380 Red Wing, MN no fault PIP trial for defense attorney client

$346,916 Stillwater, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain verdict.

$72,512 Minneapolis, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain arbitration award

$40,000 St. Paul, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain UIM settlement after mistrial

$75,000 Center City, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain settlement prior to closing arguments

$71,814 Stillwater, MN slip and fall verdict after additur

$450,000 La Crosse, WI product liability settlement during trial

$181,000 Hudson, WI slip and fall verdict

$136,333 Stillwater, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain UIM arbitration

$79,150 Port Charlotte, FL myoligamentous sprain/strain UIM arbitration

$103,895 Hastings, MN myoligamentous sprain/strain verdict after additur